Colorado Brass Wholesale

Bulk once fired brass supplier for commercial reloading companies and individuals.

15000 W. 44th Ave
Unit E

Golden, CO 80403
[email protected]

Our Customers

  • Commercial reloading companies, reloading suppliers and individual reloaders
  • We are ITAR Certified to ship internationally upon approval of an export license. Minimum quantity of 1 55 gallon drum or more. End user must have Import Permit.
Our Brass

  • Our retail brass is sold in Priority Mail Value Boxes
  • Bulk brass pricing is also available for some calibers in 55 gallon drums and gaylord boxes of reloading brass.
  • Brass cartridges have been inspected, machine sorted, hand sorted (as needed) and packaged for bulk wholesale
  • Brass has NOT been polished, de-primed or loaded
  • We sortn out steel, aluminum and damaged shells but some may make it through our process
  • "Once Fired Brass" is an industry term that described used brass cases. We do not guarantee that all brass cases have only been fired once.
  • Our brass is tested to be at least 98% one caliber per container. Since it is not 100%, we fill each package to 102% of the weight sold.
  • We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.